Top Benefits Of Fresh Fish

Top Benefits Of Fresh Fish

Fish is one of the best sources of lean proteins and myriads of other nutrients. It contains very few calories, especially because of the omega-3 fatty acids present. Naturally, the body can’t produce these compounds despite the fact that they are essential for proper growth and development. Research reveals that you don’t have to eat fish every day to get the benefits, which is good news to people who don’t love fish so much. To reap the benefits of fresh fish outlined below, you can eat it once or twice each week.

Benefits Of Fresh Fish

1.    Prevents Heart Disease

A Danish Study conducted on 49,000 women revealed that those who eat little or no fish at all had at least 50% chance of getting heart problems than those who ate fish once every week. Eating fresh fish is a great way of preventing heart disease because of the presence of omega 3 fatty acids.

2.    Reduces The Risk Of Contracting Alzheimer’s Disease

Eating fresh fish at least once every week can preserve gray matter thereby improving memory and cognitive abilities even in old age. A new study revealed that people who ate bake or broiled fish (not fried) have a greater chance of fighting cognitive decline thereby reducing the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia.

3.    Notable Improvements In The Hair And Overall Skin

Most people try out low fat diets but end up depriving the hair and skin the healthy fat needed for proper growth and development. However, thanks to the presence of omega 3 fats in fish, your skin will look nourished and the hair will appear shiny. There are a few research studies that have revealed that eating fish can treat and prevent notorious skin conditions such as psoriasis.

4.    Reduce Depression

Most people suffering from depression usually take anti-depressants. A recent study compared the effectiveness of anti-depressants and omega 3s found in fish and found the latter to be more effective than the former. In the case of postpartum depression, pregnant women who take fresh fish at least once or twice every week of their pregnancy have a reduced risk of getting it.

5.    Boosts Overall Development Of The Brain In Children

Salmon and other types of fish contain omega 3s and other nutrients that are useful for boosting brain development in children. There are lots of children currently suffering from ADHD. Recent studies revealed that taking fresh fish can considerably sooth these symptoms. However, it’s prudent for all parents to seek the advice of a pediatrician before trying out any fish.

6.    More Vitamin D In The Body

Kids and adults as well need Vitamin D for proper growth of bones in the body. The best source of vitamin D is the sun. However, there are certain risks of extreme sun exposure. Well, fresh fish is a great source of Vitamin D. Eating fish once or twice every week can provide the body with enough calcium deposits to improve the health of the bones and boost the immune system accordingly.

Fresh Fish For Your Good Health And Fine Eating

Three Of The Best Types Of Fresh Fish For Your Good Health And Fine Eating

When it comes to eating healthy, fish should be at the top of the menu, at least a couple of times per week. Most fish is lean protein, has extremely healthy fats, and is simple to cook and eat. There are some easy things to remember when heading to the fish market in order to get the best types of fresh fish for your healthy diet.

If You Live Near The Coast A Fresh Seafood Market Is Best

At the local fresh seafood market you’ll find all kinds of fresh fish, many that have been caught in the morning to be sold in the afternoon. You’ll want to check that it was immediately cleaned, packed in ice to keep it chilled and rushed to the market. Still, there some pointers to watch for when choosing.

Salmon Is One Of The Most Healthy Types Of Fish You Can Eat

For years researchers have considered salmon to be one of the best and most healthy fish for your cardiovascular system. This is because they contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, the heart healthy, brain healthy, fats that help clean out plaque from your arteries and provide more elasticity to the blood vessels themselves. Salmon is easy to cook, there are hundreds of recipes online, it can be roasted, grilled, baked and fried in a variety of different ways. The protein of salmon is also healthy, many weight lifters rely on it to help them build muscles and cut out the fat for show quality muscles.

Tuna Is Another Very Healthy Fresh Fish Choice

Tuna is a fish that many people associate with the canned food. While the taste is familiar, once you’ve tried fresh tuna, you’ll wonder why you ever ate from a can. Tuna is one of the most wonderful smoked fish you’ll ever experience, and a fresh tuna fish salad is to die for. Tuna grills well and is fantastic baked, so if you find some at the market definitely check into getting some steaks for dinner. If fresh isn’t available look for some smoked to keep you happy until the next catch.

Bass Is One Of The More Popular Types Of Fresh Fish

Bass is a longtime favorite of many top chefs in the finest of restaurants. It is typically filleted so that most of the skin and bones are easily removed for cooking and eating. Bass lends itself to grilling, frying, baking, broiling and smoking, so if you find a good price you can stock up and freeze it for a few days without any loss of flavor or texture. As long as you have a fresh fish market close, there shouldn’t be any reason to freeze your fish for more that a couple of days, or a week at the most.

When buying fresh fish always ask the sales person when the fish was caught, then smell it up close to see if there are any strong odors. Most fresh fish won’t have a strong fish smell to it. It should be packed ice and cold to the touch, and there shouldn’t be lots of flies circling, switch to an indoor market if there is. Otherwise, search for some good recipes on the internet and start enjoying fish regularly, it’s good for your body and tastes great too.

Best Fresh Fish For Your Home Meals

How To Buy The Best Fresh Fish For Your Home Meals

Having a dinner that is full of fresh seafood is delicious and healthy as long as you know what you are doing when buying fish. The tips that are included in this articles are designed to make you an expert when it comes to choosing the choice selections, finding the best prices, and steering clear of the waste.

Where To Buy The Best Fresh Fish

Straight Off The Boat If you are so fortunate to live near a fishing port, there can be no better opportunity than buying the fish directly off the boat. A quick bit of advice, you want to find day boats as opposed to those that have been at sea for weeks. Keep in mind that not all fisherman are going to be willing to sell. It is just going to take some digging an poking around the port to find those that do.

Fresh Fish Markets Fish markets can be found near fishing ports and in many of the larger cities that are only a few hundred miles inland from the sea. These shops not only sell to the public but to many of the local caterers and restaurants. This may be a hit or miss opportunity for you as some of these markets only prefer dealing with larger operations. It is best to find a market that has a specific stall or retail area that is designated for the public. Once you find a good market visit them as early as possible for the best selection.

The Local Fishmonger Not every town has one, but if yours does be sure to use them. Become a regular customer and ask their advice and opinions on various selections. A fishmonger is always going to know what the best selection is, including local and international samplings. While these international selections may be a nice change of flavor they tend to have a worn out flavor if not bought immediately. If you are unfamiliar with a specific species of fish ask for advice on how to cook and prepare it for the best flavor. Also, seek out the more uncommon fish in the area as you may find some of the best bargains in this selection.

The Supermarket If your supermarket is large enough it may have what is known as a wet fish counter which will offer you some unique selections. Be warned though as many of the staff at these counter have various forms of training and they may not have the best knowledge. It is best to trust your people instincts and realize if they truly know what they are talking about or are making their best guess. Typically though in these wet markets, the staff is being told to push a particular fish for one reason or another.

What To Look For In Fresh Fish

Most people think fresh fish should have a “fishy” smell when in fact, it should smell like the sea. The fish you are interested in should look like it could jump right up and swim away. The fish should still have a vibrant color with a gorgeous shine to it. They may still have a slimy feel which in this case, is a good thing. Some fish you find may be in what is known as a “stiff fresh fish”. which means that it is still in rigor mortis. Once it subsides from this it can be cooked like any other fish.

If you are interested in the best fresh fish that has been portioned, you may not see these qualities. However, the skin side should have favorable qualities. If you are unable to see the skin, look closely at the texture and look for a firm feel. If it has a spongy feel to it, it is past the best freshness or had been farm raised.

Fish has an incredible way of keeping a fresh taste to it, but once it passes that mark the flavor just isn’t there. There are few things worse than a stale tasting fish. By following these simple tips you are making sure that you have the freshest and most delicious tasting fish at your table.

Fresh Fish Advice – Storage

Fresh Fish Advice – Storage

Buying fresh fish is a great thing to do, but for a lot of people they are not sure how they should store the fish once they have completed the purchase. This is when people should know more about the fresh fish advice when it comes to storage of the fish. By having this advice, it will be easy for people to buy fresh fish and store it so they can either use it later on that day or even use it later on in the month. Either way, storage is one of the key components to ensuring the fish does not go bad.

Keeping the fish cold during transport to the house is one of the first key components to keeping the fish fresh. When fish is transported, even for a short distance it should be kept on ice or ice packs. This way people are going to be able to have the fish not start to lose any of its flavor or taste. So people will want to make sure they consider the taste quality of the fish and ensure that they keep it on ice while they are transporting it home, a freezer bag will be great for this type of transportation.

Once people get home, if they plan on using the fish later on that day or the next day, they will want to seal it in an air tight baggie. The homemade bags that completely remove air from the bags are one of the best options people can use. With the air being removed, people can then place the fish in the refrigerator as long as it stays cold. This way they are going to have a chance to lock in the freshness, but also remove the air which can cause the fish to start to spoil early.

Sometimes, people will come across some great deals at the grocery store. When these deals do come up, people will be able to take advantage of them and know they can freeze the fresh fish. It is important to note, that the fish will need to be treated like that going into the refrigerator for immediate use with the air being removed. However, once the air has been removed, it is important to put the fish into the freezer right away. This way the fish can start to freeze and will have the vitamins and nutrients sealed into the fish, instead of it being removed.

When people are buying fresh foods, they may not be able to eat all of the foods right away. When this is the case, people often will need to store the foods for a day or two before eating it. In some cases, the deals are so good that people will wait a couple of weeks before eating the food. With that being said, people need to have some fresh fish advice for storage. When people have this storage advice, it will be easy for them to store the fish and know it will still be as good as the day they bought it.

Why Buy Fresh Fish

Why Buy Fresh Fish When I Can Get It In A Can?

If you have been trying to add more fresh fish into your diet you have probably realized that not all fish is created the same. For example when you are told more vegetables in your diet is better, are they referring to corn and potatoes? More than likely it is cabbage, spinach, and other healthy greens. Once you go out and buy your fresh produce do you want a selection that has been coated in chemicals and pesticides or would you prefer fresh organic veggies straight from the local garden? The same philosophy holds true with your fish selection. The differences between a canned tuna sandwich and one where you visit your local retailer for some freshly caught Pacific Pollock are immense. This is what the average consumer needs to know about buying fresh fish.

Why Buy Fresh Fish?

So let’s understand why pacific pollock is so much tastier and better than a farm-raised equivalent. Just examining the taste alone, nothing is going to be better than fresh fishes like the pacific pollock Farm raised fished do not have a natural diet that consists of their normal plants and creatures that give the fish such an amazing flavor. Fishes that are raised in farm capacity have been feed a dull and boring diet that consisted of a corn-based fish food. For farm-raised fishes to look like they are from the deep blue sea, they have been injected with dyes. For example, Salmon has a beautiful pink color that it gets from eating krill in the outdoors. On farms they receive no such diet and have to be injected with a pink dye to meet our expectations of what salmon should look like. Fresh fish is also going to be much healthier for you than the farm raised variety. Fish in the natural have a diet that allows them to absorb healthy nutrients that they can not get from the corn-based food they eat while on a farm tank.

When you are looking for the best quality fish, nothing is quite like what you get from the natural environment. For example, if you are in the market for fresh pacific pollock it is going to be coing from the Alaskan waters. There are very strict environmental protection rules enforced here that keeps the fresh healthy for consumers. These laws have been put in place to protect not only consumers but the species of fish. In the past, overfishing had brought many species to the brink of extinction. These problems caused many consumers to be wary of buying fresh fish, but the industry as a whole has been revamped over the years.

There are just some of the reasons you need to think of when you ask yourself “why buy fresh fish?” Just remember that it is going to be better for you than anything you can get off the shelf that comes in a can. Also nothing is going to beat the taste and flavor of fresh fish. I dare anyone to say what they got in a can or pouch has better flavor than what was freshly caught. So head to your local seafood store and cook up a delicious fish dinner tonight!

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